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  • MagicTrend Indicator Plugin Full version useful for x64 bit Amibroker charting software.
  • This is a registered version of MagicTrend Indicator and the license is valid for life time.


MagicTrend Indicator 1.5.2 LowRisk Entry Signals
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MagicTrend Indicator:

  • MagicTrend Indicator released on 04 Oct 2019 is compatible with all Amibroker x64 versions. For more details of update and installation instruction click on the link given below.
  • MagicTrend Indicator is a trend following indicator overlaid on the price chart. It is far more fast, accurate and reliable than any other conventional trend following indicators.
  • Risk barometer for low-risk re-entry in the existing trend direction.
  • Separate entry signal for main signal and low-risk entry
  • Two targets on the chart with multiple option point/percentage/auto
  • Intraday mode for intraday exit or delayed entry
  • Suitable for Auto Trading or Algo Trading
  • Option to adjust the code for different markets by adjusting minimum spread and decimal place in parameter, useful for forex market/commodity/index/stock/option etc.
  • Automatic text alert and sound alert for a trend change and low-risk entry signals.
  • Signal scanner with trend suggestion and optimum risk entry.
  • Useful for any type of market including stock, index, forex, commodity, ETF etc. which are more liquid and frequently trending. It is also useful for any type of trading style ranging from intraday, swing or positional trading.
  • Useful in different time frames ranging from 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, Hourly, 2Hourly, Daily.
  • User’s Guide covering topics like Installation, How to use? How to scan for stocks to buy or sell in real-time? How to use various features of MagicTrend Indicator to efficiently handle different market condition with trading examples.

Plugin Details:

  • MagicTrend Indicator Plugin Full version useful for x64 bit Amibroker charting software.
  • The single-user license for this plugin.
  • Free upgrades for 12 months
  • The basic code is improved for more profit protection and lesser risk.
  • MagicTrend function exported to the Amibroker AFL Engine. Useful to incorporate into your custom trading strategies.
  • For more details on how to install watch complete video.

What customers say about our products?

Really Helpful Strategy And Support

I see first time in my trading life such friendly person who say what you need. All trading advisors or technical advisors only give strategy but Mr. Rakeshji is so nice person, He gave me some practical idea and useful suggestions along with his strategy. Moreover he asked me if I need any suggestion. I am very thankful to Rakeshji.

Jagdeepak Singh, Chandigarh, India

Great Support!!!

I have worked with Rakesh Sir for 11 numbers of projects in last 3 months. It was a completely friendly experience. He is an expert at employing ideas in logical strategy. He never ignores you during the project and even after completion. I am thankful for his help and mentoring.

Ilayaraja Shanmugam, Nagpur, India

Excellent Indicator And Support

I found Magic Trend Indicator to provide excellent trend change indications and lets you keep in the trend for longer time. I will also like to mention excellent support and guidance from Mr. Rakesh.

Mandar Limaye, Thane, India

Value For Money!!!

Magictrend Indicator is very good for all timeframes trading with the system given as per the user guide. Good support for installation and using the system right. Mr. Rakesh is good and very supportive person to work with.

Ilayaraja Shanmugam, Nagpur, Maharastra

Feel Confident With MagicTrend Indicator

I had a chance to see how the magic trend works in real life and have always wondered where to find the indicator since then. The internet is so powerful to direct me to this website. Without hesitation, I must have this indicator. This is the moment I feel confident the most in trading for a living. Thank you for providing this wonderful work.

Tho Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Best Trend Indicator Ever!!

I got here from the youtube. I was a bit skeptical about the real performance but I still went with the paid version. As suggested I went with Nifty futures 15-min swing trading. After passing of few breakeven and minor losing trades, the indicator gave rocking signals. I made 5 times profit than the cost of this plugin in the first month only. I can’t forget to mention great support for installation from Rakesh Sir.

Mukesh Shah, Mumbai, India


The support team is the best I have seen in years. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Steve James Nevada, USA
Nevada , USA

So far so good

I like the simplicity and the accuracy of this system. I am trading the daily time frame right now and I am finding success. I am looking forward to trading this on lower time frames as well.

Steve James Nevada, USA
Nevada, USA

World Class Support!!!

Rakesh Ji is according to me is an encyclopedia of the present trading world.

His knowledge on stocks markets and technical analysis knowledge is commendable and best of its kind.

His youtube lectures on Technical Analysis are of world class level, unique and never seen or taught by any so called great trade gurus, I’m into this stock market for almost 15 years and I’m a big fan of Rakesh ji of all the times for his excellent service in educating the trading community.

Besides his unmatched technical knowledge, as an individual, he is such a gem of person very rarely seen in the present world, I bought the Magic trend indicator way back Jan18 and my computer crashed recently and I completely lost everything and built again from scratch and approached him again for the re-installation for the Magic Trend indicator again, he is so generous and helped me to get reinstalled and made working by spending almost 5 plus hours, which no one does.

Hats off Rakesh Ji!!!, you are simply great!!! and I have no other best words to describe you.


Venkateswaran V

Venkateswaran V

Such a Great Satisfaction Of Service, True Value For Money!

This is Dr. Singh from ProTrader Academy. I am a trader and trainer. I had a complex idea for intraday trading, which I wanted to convert on a completely automatic system. I had tried all over India, most of the big-name I know, but in the last 2 months, almost 7 to 8 coders have refused to work on that idea. When I come across Mr. Rakesh, he said it can be done in 1 week’s time, but he did only in 3 days, It was like a dream come true.

His programming skills are extraordinary. He explains things till you get a complete understanding. Such a great satisfaction of service, true value for money. “Rakeshji, you are simply great.”

Dr Singh
Dr. Singh
Maharashtra, India


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If you still have questions about the MagicTrend Indicator please visit our FAQ page.

Product Update Log And Installation Instructions

4 reviews for MagicTrend Indicator Amibroker Plugin x64


    Pls send me the trial copy of both x86 and x64 or link for download

  2. tpointdinh (verified owner)

    I had a chance to see how the magic trend works in the real life and have always wondered where to find the indicator since then. The internet is so powerful to direct me to this website. Without hesitation, I must have this indicator. This is the moment I feel confident the most in trading for living. Thank you for providing this wonderful work.

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  4. José rubio

    Hi. Meetings from Mexico. How can I to have this indicator? Where is it in mt4? Thanks.

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