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Turn Your Trading Idea In Strategy Code

Just fill up the Strategy Builder form to put your idea in to a logical rules and I will publish your trading strategy on my blog with review comment. You can also choose to keep it private and get more input from me for making it a real profitable trading strategy on chargeable basis. 

Trading Strategy Idea
  • The trading idea should be genuine, trade-able and the entry exit logic must be clear.
  • The author reserves the right to decide if the idea is worth making a strategy and publish it or not. You will be notified accordingly.
  • It can take time to turn an idea into a fully trade-able strategy, so you are requested to wait atleast a week or more depending upon the complication of the idea.
  • By sharing your trading idea with a “Free and Public” option in Preference tab , you agree to make it public without any further liability to us.
  • Choose option that fit your maximum budget. 
  • The estimated budget is not a liability to pay, it will be revised after understanding your idea and with further communication with you. It will be updated accordingly.

What customer say about our products?

Great Support!!!

I have worked with Rakesh Sir for 11 numbers of projects in last 3 months. It was a completely friendly experience. He is an expert at employing ideas in logical strategy. He never ignores you during the project and even after completion. I am thankful for his help and mentoring.

Ilayaraja Shanmugam, Nagpur, India